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    • Gaming Group
      7 month(s) ago
      Are you guys available for a party on Sunday may 15
    • Omar
      9 month(s) ago
      Yeah hello i was just wondering how old do you have to be to play on the Field
    • 武器
      2 year(s) ago
      Hi sir! We are BCS from Taiwan! Is there any possible to contact with the sales? E-mail me pls! Email:
    • Andrew Bennett
      2 year(s) ago
      Do have a service that will install internal parts such as a spring into your own gun for a fee?
    • CrustlessAtom
      2 year(s) ago
      Do you guys sell CO2 canisters?
    • Force on Force
      3 year(s) ago
      Hello, we would like to inform everyone we are still open for business.
    • Anonymous User
      3 year(s) ago
      Hi I'm new to air soft but play paint ball and am wondering if I came in to the store if I could get some professional help picking out a weapon and gear to get going
    • Terry Maclean
      3 year(s) ago
      Hi! Could you tell me if there’s a swapmeet sometime soon? Ty
    • Roderick Lan
      3 year(s) ago
      Are the rental guns gbb or aeg?
    • Noah Sopel
      4 year(s) ago
      Can we bring our own guns if so what’s the max amount of FPS we can have and is spring buns aloud
    • Eric Dean Ditchburn
      4 year(s) ago
      do you guys do trades?
    • Daniel Devin
      4 year(s) ago
      Quick question how many BB's do you get if you rent a gun and the BB's
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