Defenders are restricted to a designated area. One to two players are attackers.

Attackers attack designated area, after one defender is shot he/she joins attacking team, counter attacking former team. Game ends when all people are attacking.


TDM unlimited lives, designated time limit 10 - 30 minuses.


No objective, shoot enemies.

Set number of lives and re-spawns.


Bomb is hidden by ref, both teams must attempt to locate bomb and plant it on spool, first team to plant the bomb wins.


Each team is given a flag. Both teams must plant their flag in the spool. Flag must be in the spool for 60 seconds to win. If the enemy team removes your teams flag the count restarts.

3 Man Switch

Players are broken into teams of 3. Each team is pitted against each other. Once shot the player must return to re-spawn and wait for 2 more players to be shot. These 3 are now a new team.


Free for all. Once shot, a player must wait in place to be tagged back in. After being tagged the players are now a team. Game ends when everyone is on one team.


Everything you need to know about Indoor Airsoft

What is it?” Airsoft is a sport/hobby very similar to paintball. The guns are very realistic looking, and they fire small high speed 6mm plastic pellets. We use them for war gaming and target shooting in our facility. They are so realistic that they are also used for military and law enforcement training. We specialize in corporate and team building events, birthday parties, bachelor parties, and individual or group recreation

Please read this collection of frequently asked questions to learn more about the sport and our facility. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or inquiries.

Do I just run in and shoot everything I see? 

We can set up games that are a straight free for all, or Team A vs Team B. However, we find it much more interesting and intense for teams to utilize and be tasked with capturing our custom electronic point counting objectives for your team, while stopping the other team from accomplishing the same. The concept is similar to certain “Battlefield” or “Call of Duty” game modes.

Does it hurt? 

Sometimes! We compare getting hit to an elastic snap. Dress appropriately, as close shots on bare skin can cause minor bleeding or very small welts. Compared to paintball, it is roughly 40-50% the pain level up close. From 50 feet or further, you will certainly feel the hit, but it probably won’t hurt very much.

What should I wear? 

Wear the same you would to go on a hike, or do some home renovations. Because the Airsoft BBs don’t leave a mess, you will wear your own clothing (wear something old, with full arm and leg coverage). We recommend old clothing as there is still the risk of scrapes or tears from running and playing inside the field which contains rough lumber and other potential hazards. Airsoft BBs are solid plastic, so there is no mess! We HIGHLY recommend wearing gloves.

Can I bring my own gun? 

Absolutely! We will check your protective eye wear (must be z87+ rated, fully sealed, with a strap) and chronograph your gun (1.27 joules measured with house BBs for public game play). Maximum FPS limits for private bookings 450FPS.

Can I rent the whole field privately? 

Absolutely! Minimum 20 players required to book the entire field and 10 to 19 players to book either half of the field. ( food, beverages, or any other extras are billed separately).

How do I book an event? 

You may come in person 6 days a week, or contact us by email or phone to make a private booking (Deposits for bookings will be made in person).

What is the minimum age requirement?

Players must be age 10 years of age or older to play. Minors (under 18) MUST have a parent or legal guardian sign the waiver, NO exceptions. Family friends, other persons parents, or siblings are not legally allowed to sign the waiver, and entry will be refused.


**FOF Staff / Referees have the final say on all rulings on the airsoft field, their word is final.

**Minimum age to play airsoft is 10 years.


Players must wear approved eye protection, such as paintball masks,  eye protection that fully seals around eyes and meets or exceeds CSA standards.

( full face protection is mandatory for all minors).

Any questionable eye protection is subject to inspection by FOF staff.

Airsoft goggles / full sealing ballistic glasses must have a minimum rating of ANSI Z87.1 + We encourage players to use additional head protection, such as balaclavas, full face masks and mouth guards to help minimize potential injuries. The level of protection is up to you, but being aware players have in the past lost teeth even from low velocity weapons. If you decide to rest or take a break while on the field, your eye protection must stay on.

The only time you are permitted to remove your eye protection is when you are in the READY ROOM.



Players are expected to conduct themselves in a mature, responsible and respectful manner both on and off the field. Threatening language and verbal threats, slurs against race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender will not be tolerated under any circumstances. However, we recognize that some verbal angst and banter is to be expected during game play – please conduct yourself accordingly. (Apply common sense) Players will display mutual respect and treat the gear, equipment, props and property of other players, FOF staff with utmost care and regard. Acts of vandalism will not be tolerated. All damages are the responsibility of the vandal.


Physical or verbally abusive or threatening behaviour of any nature is strictly prohibited and is grounds from immediate dismissal and potential banning from the facility.

Players are not permitted to make physical contact with another player. Unless signifying a melee kill. Cheating and intentional rule violations will result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the game and/or a ban from all future events. To report someone for cheating or rule violations, report the individual immediately to a FOF referee.

Under no circumstances should you confront the player directly during a game. You should always notify an official and allow them to take the appropriate action. When reporting a player, please ensure you can positively identify the individual. Please give the admin as much detail as possible, what they are wearing, what gun they are using, what they look like.

Players observed cheating by FOF staff or an admin may be ejected from the game on the spot. Further action will be decided by FOF management.


Minimum weight to use in Airsoft rifles is .20 or higher .12 weight BB’s are prohibited for use as they tend to be lower quality and shatter into fragments causing potential for injury. Ammo loads are to filled prior to game play; players are not to reload their magazines during game play.


Players must chrono their weapons before being allowed on the field. Guns may be randomly chrono’d by FOF referee’s at any time during the game. Once on the field, any player found tampering with their gun to contravene the velocity limits approved for FOF may be removed from the building and potentially be banned from any future events.

There is a Zero Tolerance when in safe areas (ready rooms), all players must follow these rules:

• No BB’s in the chamber.

• Magazines out.

• Pistols holstered.

• Safeties on.

• Muzzle covers or barrel condoms on (if available)

• M203 shells removed from launcher tubes and stored in a secure pouch.

(SAW’s may leave box magazines in place but feed nozzles out, chambers cleared & safety on) Muzzle covers or barrel condoms are recommended equipment for players.

Players will not fire into or out of safe zones.

Safe zones on the game field will be reviewed at the game briefing.


The velocity limits for OPEN GAMES (semi-auto fire only) full and semi-auto AEG’s, GBBR’s and pistols are as follows: BB Weight ?

Joule rating is 1.27+5 EVENTS OR PRIVATE GAMES (Full auto games only) (VELOCITY LIMITS TO BE DETERMINED BY THE EVENT ORGANIZER) Players are limited to SEMI AUTO ONLY on walk on days. Private games or Special Events can choose to use full auto. ZERO MINIMUM ENGAGEMENT DISTANCE. Players must keep gun in Semi then switch when permissible to use Full Auto.


A – Grenades that expel BB’s or give off an audible report(e.g., AI Tornado Grenades, etc.) are approved for use There is a 15’ft blast radius rule in effect, unless positioned behind hard cover (eg. behind a building or vehicle) In an enclosed room all participants are considered killed.

B – Players are to toss grenades underhand only to avoid injuring others. Unless dropping over a wall under 4ft or through a window Players will not use discharged grenades to create diversions to gain a tactical advantage.

C – M203 grenades may be used anywhere on the field. BB’s that ricochet or bounce and strike a player will count as a “hit”. Grenadiers must not engage targets at ranges less than 5 feet and must make a concerted effort to avoid head shots. No rubber slugs can be used.

D – In addition to M203-style launchers, players may use ‘rocket launcher’ style weapons. These include, but are not limited to, RPGs, LAWs, AT-4s, etc. When firing upon players only BB shower type grenades are to be used.

E – Landmines may be permitted depending on the event organizer. Please check with the game organizer before using. Clay-more style mines are permitted. Tripwires should be always set below waist level.


Damaged, lost or stolen personal effects are the sole responsibility of the player; FOF staff and FOF owners are not liable for compensation. Any person found stealing or vandalizing property will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. All items found should be left on the playing area and notify staff.


Lasers Class I, Class II and Class IIIA (under 5mW) are permitted. *Lasers Class IIIb and Class IV are prohibited on the field.* Players wishing to use laser devices on the field will have to prove the laser is of the permitted class and power. If the player cannot prove the class and/or power of the laser device, it will not be allowed on the field, operational or not. Players will not intentionally shine lasers in the face or eyes of other players.


Rubber training knives are allowed and encouraged to be used on the field. No throwing is permitted. When using a training knife for a close quarter kill a simple tap or slash with it is enough. No stabbing or hacking action should be used. If training weapon is over 6 inches it must be LARP approved (No sharp or stiff edges, minimum 2 inches of foam around all hard edges). NO METAL TRAINING KNIVES


You can engage players at close range please be courteous, no one wants to take a BB to the cheek, throat or groin from one foot away so aim for center mass, legs, feet, arms gear. Mercy kills can only occur with loaded weapons. 10′ closer players should avoid firing and go for the touch kill; this is not always possible so common sense will prevail. The “MERCY RULE” is a courtesy but not enforced. * Players will not use sniper / bolt action rifles in CQB situations. (20Ft min. engagement) * SAW’s and other full-auto weapons may engage targets outside of a secured building, as long as the barrel passes the threshold of the window, door, or opening.


Players that are “dead” may not speak regarding strategic/ tactical details until they have re-spawned or have been revived. Under no circumstances are “dead” players to be used as cover by “live” players.

*Dead men tell no tales! Dead players may not speak to live players to relay information. Anyone caught pretending to be a dead player to sneak up on other live players will be removed from the field.

Weapon hits: If the gun you have in your hands gets hit by a BB, or knife, it is immediately disabled & you can no longer use that gun until the next game or until you re-spawn. When your gun is hit you must call out “Gun hit!” and stop shooting it immediately. You can either switch to your secondary, a knife or you can call yourself out. Once your gun is disabled it is now a part of your gear and if it is hit again it counts as a kill shot. If no side arms are available it counts as a kill.

Blind Firing Blind firing is defined as firing without identifying what you are shooting at first. Blind firing includes, but is not limited to, firing around corners without aiming, or ducking under a window while firing through it. Blind firing is a severe safety violation. Any player caught blind firing will be eliminated from the current game.  (further disciplinary action will be dealt with by FOF management)

Shooting through a crack or hole (in a building or prop structure) smaller than a clenched fist is not allowed. In addition, you must be able to form a proper sight picture to shoot through a crack or hole. BB’s shot from a legal position, passing through a small crack or hole and striking a player will count as a “hit”.

Spawn Camping Spawn camping is defined as a player or players who take up shooting positions outside re-spawn points for the sole purpose of shooting players as they return to the game. Players should avoid this as best as possible to allow a fair fight.

Referees may use their discretion to call violating players out as eliminated.


Play area surfaces inside are not all flat, smooth and or unobstructed. Building props such as breaching doors, BB’s, grenade casings and other props may be strewn on the floor so take caution at every step. Vaulting, jumping or climbing over cover is not permitted. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse. It is presumed AND the players responsibility that you have read and understood ALL the rules before playing. Ultimately the only person responsible for your safety is YOU. Violation of any of the rules contained herein will result in appropriate disciplinary action, such as dismissal from the game or building without refund, exclusion from future events, and or even banning from all FOF events.


In the event of serious emergency where the event or game must come to immediate halt, the term “No Duff” will be called out to all players 1) stop all play 2) make all weapons safe and remove mags 3) make your way to safe zone in safe and timely fashion. 4) check in with game control for role call 5) wait in safe zone for further instructions.

ANSI Z87.1-2003 Summary Basic and High LENSES

The new standard designates that lenses will be divided into two protection levels, Basic Impact and High Impact as dictated by test criteria. Basic Impact lenses must pass the “drop ball” test, a 1″ diameter steel ball is dropped on the lens from 50 inches. High Impact lenses must pass “high velocity” testing where 1/4″ steel balls are “shot” at different velocities. Spectacles: 150 ft./sec. Goggles: 250 ft./sec. Face shields: 300 ft./sec.